Outdoor Lighting

Wall Lights

When you spend time outdoors with family and friends, you’ll need suitable outdoor lighting to illuminate your landscaped areas.

We can supply & install all types of wall lights for different purposes. Whether it’s a stylish up/down, a resilient bunker or a functional step light we can provide a solution to suit your needs.

Sensor Spot Light

Installing a spotlight with a motion sensor is a must for welcoming guests, deterring criminals and lighting up the surroundings of your home..

Features & Benefits

  • High Energy savings as light is only on when required
  • Large detection ranges
  • Override control for manual operation
  • Great for safety & Security
  • Available with double or single light

Garden Lights

We can assist in emphasising particular parts of your garden with attractive lighting. By fitting uplights in numerous places about your landscape, you attract attention to these areas to create an ambience. An excellent way to present flower beds and planting regions is landscape lighting. Installing mood lighting alongside outdoor buildings adds pleasing splashes of light to your backyard. Attaching low-voltage external lights to plants and trees outside can illuminate planted areas and highlight your exterior areas.

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