Switchboard Upgrades

Don’t Risk It

If your switchboard looks like this picture then your home or shed may not be safe. Make sure yours is not a potential fire hazard or capable of giving you an electric shock..

To meet today’s standards safety switches and circuit breakers must be installed to protect you and your homes wiring. If your house burns down and the cause is a faulty switchboard – some insurance companies will not cover you – don’t risk it!

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Peace of Mind

An RCD is a safety switch that disconnects within 10 to 50 milliseconds when a fault is detected. This not only protects your loved ones from being electrocuted but it will protect your home against fires. RCDs are easily installed to suit all types of switchboards. Don’t wait till it’s too late.


Strike Against Overvoltage

Surge protection devices are fitted to safeguard appliances against a spike in electrical voltage, such as a lightning strike. Easy to Install and simple to maintain, surge protection is a cheap option to protect your expensive Electrical appliances


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